Let it Snow Collection Gift Set

Let it Snow

Timeless Dry Shampoo and Prep Spray Lightweight Vitamin Boost make the perfect partners this Christmas! 

Timeless: Timeless is not only a cleansing dry shampoo but also a style extender that will freshen up your style in seconds and absorb any unwanted natural oils when time is not on your side. In addition to cleansing, Timeless will also add light volume and texture to any style whether freshly washed or a few days without cleansing, leaving no telltale signs of white residue.

Top Tip: Use Timeless as a perfect 2nd day re-styler. No need to shampoo and style, just freshen up your hair making your look last a little bit longer. 

  • Freshen up any style in seconds
  • Absorbs unwanted natural oils in the hair
  • Adds light volume and texture
  • A style extender that will give your style that much needed extra few days
  • Leaves no white residue

Prep Spray: Prep Spray is the perfect foundation to your daily care routine, helping to promote healthy hair. A vitamin boost spray with keratin to add amazing strength, hydration and lustre to revitalise tired hair.

Top Tip: Prep Spray can be used on both towel-dried hair and dry hair

  • Perfect foundation to your daily care routine
  • Promotes healthy hair
  • Contains keratin to add amazing strength and hydration
  • Revitalises tired hair